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Summer Jewellery Trends

When we think of summer jewellery trends we presume it should involve lots of colours. Absolutely. Summer gives us a right of passage to explore unusual colours and combinations. Personally I love Turquoise all year but especially in the summer. Now you can combine so many gems with Turquoise from deep purple Amethyst to the quiet pastel shade of a Green Amethyst to the bright ray of sunshine that is a Citrine. The list truly is endless. What if you are not that way inclined and are not a fan of colours? Then simplicity ladies. Simplicity is a key factor in your summer Jewellery wardrobe. If, like some of my clients you are a classic soul and prefer conservative block colours; grey, black, white and navy blue. Then simple metals are the way forward. I love the coolness of white gold and or Sterling silver with these simple colours, they are highly complimentary. Whether it be a simple chain or special charm. For example some of my pieces from the silhouette collection have a beautiful simplicity to them which will take you from day to night in a heartbeat. Summer is an ideal time to be wearing rose or yellow gold earrings. The warm hues of colour are ideal for the summer weather. They compliment most skin tones and give you a look of polished elegance. Whether you choose a small seashell or a chandelier earrings they are highly wearable and will reside in your Jewellery wardrobe for the rest of your life!

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