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An Introduction: Looking For That Perfect Piece...


My name is Xanthe Marina Antoniou. I am a Jewellery Designer born and raised in London, England. I was born to a Greek Cypriot family, to an amazing mother and a father whose has a heart of gold. I travel extensively picking up ideas and muses for current and future pieces. I am always scouting for the next "big" idea. I do not follow trends but sometimes I fall into them! My company is called Xanthe Marina. Hear me roar! There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing time with a client who has a dream, to make a dream a reality for someone is incredibly rewarding. Commissions open up a whole world of possibilities. However, I realised the other day, whilst doing a little French Knitting with Sterling Silver wire (as you do) that I have been looking for the "perfect piece" all my life. I recall when my milk teeth started falling out, my mother asked me tenderly what the Tooth Fairy could bring me, my reply was "a pretty ring". My mother smiled and later hid a large, gold, pear shaped cocktail ring with a huge green stone (made of glass), I thought that this was amazing. I felt like I belonged in "Dynasty". I still have this ring tucked away with a few other pieces that have absolutely no monetary value but mean the world to me.

So years later and here I am making jewellery. I am realising in my old age that nothing is perfect but jewellery can come quite close. Regardless of the cost, when given a piece by a certain person it can mean the world. However, there is the other side to this shiny coin. You can also be given the "wrong" piece. Certain acquaintances have been given their engagement rings and were left so disappointed. One in particular, in confidence, said to me "I felt like giving it back, like he has no idea who I am". Disaster, luckily she asked me if we could "improve" on what we already have. Low and behold, we did. Luckily the groom wasn't too upset. Later at her wedding she whispered into my ear "thank you again, it's perfect".

So the moral of this story is that perfection doesn't really exist, but you sure as hell can come close. My search will forever continue...


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