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Symbols of Love & Protection

So I thought I would talk about some of the pieces that exist within my collection and ones I have planned. They say Greeks/Cypriots become more superstitious the older they get. I cannot speak for some of my friends but I would have to say that this is absolutely true of me. It is very rare that I do not have an Evil Eye/Cross/Hamsa on me somewhere. In my make up pouch I always have at least one glass eye. I love them, believe in them and besides, I think they are all so very pretty. I have a deep appreciation, love and understanding for what they all signify. A few years ago, I had just made my Hand of Hamsa in 18ct Yellow Gold with a floral design. I was wearing the first sample around my neck at Hyde Parks "Wireless" music festival, waiting for Kings of Leon to grace us with their melodic presence when a guy grabbed me, pulled up his shirt to reveal the largest Hand of Hamsa tattoo across the width and length of his entire torso and screamed "Snap!". We stood and talked about the symbolism and what it meant to him and why. We were like chalk and cheese standing next to one another but little did anyone know (apart from those who witnessed me being flashed) that we were having a rather philosophical conversation. So this is a piece I want to go back, rework and send it out into the universe and hope it is loved and adored! Watch this space.


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