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Bespoke jewellery London, inspired by travels and cultures

All of her commissioned jewellery as well as bespoke jewellery was inspired by Xanthe’s travels around the globe. Why bespoke jewellery London – because London is the melting pot of many different cultures. This can be seen in the rings, necklaces and earrings of every shape possible. All the cultures inspiring one another on the path to making the one perfect piece of jewellery.  

"To make jewels that will stand the test of time"

Born in London, England to a Greek Cypriot Family, I have always been drawn to Jewellery and the sparkle of a stone. The richness of the metals, the sparkling and endless array of colours, there has always been a fascination here. I have always been heavily influenced by my environment, whether I am traveling through the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Europe and America or I am home in London. These are reflected in my pieces.


Jewellery is a highly personal thing, which is why I offer a bespoke service catering for various tastes, I love to make jewels that will stand the test of time, to create potentially heirlooms for the next generation.  

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