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Gemstones Ideal for Autumn

As sad as it always is contemplating the packing away of the summer wardrobe, that feeling that you are not quite ready to say goodbye to Summer for yet another year. Dusting off your ankle boots and digging out the fluffy scarves, its always worth including in this preparation the change in your jewellery wardrobe. Being a jewellery designer I always ponder the change in colours in my immediate surroundings.

Taking into account new colour tends...Shades of reds and purples are always on the cards and will never go out of fashion. That's why it is always good to think about having Garnets in your Jewellery box. Those deep red hues are complimentary to any skin tone. A Garnet will see you happily through Halloween in to the Christmas period smoothly and succinctly.

Shades of blue are always a good idea. Whether they are a bright, light baby blue to go with your new flared Sevens. In terms of the world of gemstones there are extremely beautiful kinds of Turquoise. My own favorite is the Kingman Turquoise unique only to Arizona. They come in varying hues of blues and purples. Perfect for the Autumnal season fashions. Turquoise is also seen extensively in the couture collections of the great Oscar de la Renta. The man has excellent taste so you know you can’t go wrong when this great man turns his eye towards this colour.

A beautiful stone with a velvety and rich colour of brown is ideal for the autumn is Whiskey Quartz. Gems with so much depth it leaves you feeling warm inside much like having a glass of whiskey itself! This should go well whether you are rocking the swinging 60’s trends, the floral fairytales or your beautifully tailored trouser suit.

Regardless of what you wear when it comes to Jewellery there is always a time, always a place to wear whatever is lying in your Jewellery box.

However, if you are looking for the unique, a piece that you will not see on the high street then the world of bespoke jewellery in London town may be the way forward.

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