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Handmade, Bespoke and Personalised Jewellery in London by One Of The Most Exciting Jewellery Makers of Her Time

Xanthe Marina is a London based jewellery maker. She designs and creates personalised  jewellery using 18k gold, sterling silver and precious stones. All her handmade jewellery is created with love and care. Her inspiration comes from her travels and can be seen in her work. Every piece has a story to tell. The golden earrings from her sea and water collection are inspired by the amazing sea life in the Mediterranean whereas the love and protection by the Greek, Egyptian and Arabic cultures and Indian Jewellery UK. However, most love and care can be seen in the cobweb necklaces, each and one taking 3 days to make. Xanthe’s love for the classic, elegant and timeless is what makes her such an exciting jewellery maker and designer.

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